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UP is top ethanol producer after integration with sugar sector

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath said that his government has successfully integrated the sugar sector with ethanol production for the accrual of sustainable benefit to sugarcane farmers.

Speaking in the state legislative assembly in Lucknow, Adityanath said owing to the measures taken by his government, UP has emerged as the country’s top ethanol producer with an annual capacity of more than 1,126 million litres.

He said, earlier UP sugar mills

were either shutting down their operations or were being sold off at throwaway prices during the previous regimes. The present government facilitated Rs 88,000 crore of cane payment to farmers over the past nearly three years, even in the face of falling global sugar prices.

“During the last 18-19 years, 21 UP sugar mills were sold leaving farmers in the lurch and taking away large number of jobs, especially in the erstwhile sugar bowl of Gorakhpur division,” he added.

The CM said while nearly half of the mills in other sugar producing states had closed down, all the mills were still operational in UP and would continue to crush till all the cane gets exhausted for the season. He said the state was also supporting the rural based industries of khandsari (unprocessed sugar) and gur (jiggery).

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