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Distillery Consultancy

From concept to
operation and maintenance...
We are always there to support you.

Our services

Consultancy Services -

  • Conceptual design & engineering activity.

  • ​​Preparation of Project Report.

  • ​Front End Engineering Design activity including technical details required for CPCB / MoEF / Excise.

  • ​Technical support during presentation at CPCB / MoEF.

  • ​Technical support during Public hearing.

  • ​Technical assistance in seeking all statutory approvals for setting up the Distillery Plant Like environmental clearance , PESO  clearance , IBR Boiler , Factory License , Consent to establish , Consent to operate etc.

  • ​Project scheduling and bar chart preparation.

  • Support in hiring contractors for civil and structural work.

  • Support in hiring contractors for site fabrication equipments.

  • ​Supervision of execution of complete project for timely completion of project as per bar chart.

  • ​Successfully commissioning of plant.

  • ​Maintaining inspection and testing reports.

  • ​Operation and maintenance of Plant.

Engineering Services –

  • Preparation of Plot plan.

  • Preparation of sectional layout.

  • Preparation of civil load data drawings.

  • Civil and Structural Engineering.

  • Preparation of site fabrication  drawings.

  • Preparation of Workshop fabrication  drawings.

  • Preparation of Process and Instrumentation Drawings.

  • Providing Technical details / datasheets / specifications for Bought-out equipment/ machineries Like Boiler , Turbine ,DG, Water treatment plant, Cooling Towers, Pumps & Motors, Dosing systems, Plate heat exchangers, Fire fighting, etc.

  • Technical evaluations of all bought-out machinery.


Project management and Site supervision Services –

  • Supervision of Civil work.

  • Supervision of structural work.

  • Supervision of Installation of equipment.

  • Supervision of Site fabrication equipment.

  • Supervision of Installation of Bought out.

  • Supervision of  Piping and Valve work.

  • Supervision of Electrical and Instrumentation.

  • Supervision of successful commissioning and handover of plant.


Our key client for Distillery plant consultancy and project management –

  • M/s. JSR Grain Energy Pvt. Ltd , Malda , West Bengal  – 250 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Pratishtha Spirits Pvt. Ltd , Panagarh , West Bengal – 80 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Doghat organics Pvt. Ltd , Meerut , Uttar Pradesh - 50 KLPD Distillery

  • M/s Dabra Alcobrew Pvt. Ltd. , Gwalior , Madhya Pradesh – 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. SNJ bioproducts Pvt. Ltd. Bareilly Uttar Pradesh – 80 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Quadrangle biofuels Pvt. Ltd. Khandwa ,Madhya Pradesh – 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Vibrant Spirits Pvt. Ltd , Sundergarh , Odisha  – 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Orple biofuels Pvt. Ltd. Kota , Rajasthan – 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Hindustan Grain energy , Rewa , Madhya Pradesh – 400 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Progressive Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd, Ganganagar Rajasthan - 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Opulent Biofuels Pvt. Ltd, Assam - 100 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Cresando Industries Pvt. Ltd. Rewa – 120 KLPD Distillery.

  • M/s. Garg Acrylics Ltd. Bathinda , Punjab – 60 KLPD Distillery

  • M/s. Yash Biofuels Pvt Ltd , Bihar - 60 KLPD Distillery

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