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UP govt to give sugar to cane growers for their balance dues at sugar mills

The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to give sugar to ‘willing cane farmers’ in lieu of their balance cane price of season 2019-20. According to an official statement issued by the office of the UP cane commissioner, the decision has been taken on the demand of sugarcane farmers.

Each farmer can take one quintal (2 bags of 50 kg each) sugar from sugar mill, after dropping his/her sugarcane while going back home following social distance norms, in lieu of their balance cane dues payment of the 2019-20 season.

The value of the sugar made available by sugar mills to willing cane farmers will be adjusted from their balance cane dues of 2019-20.

One quintal of sugar every month, on the minimum sale price of that day or minimum sale price of the previous day, will be made available to sugarcane farmers and this facility would be available till the month of June, 2020.

Sugar mills will distribute sugar to only ‘willing’ cane farmers and it would be subject to sale quota allotted for the month to the concerned mill by the Government of India. The release further said that the cane farmers will have to lift sugar from sugar mill godown by their own means and no transport subsidy will be given for the same.

Official sources said that total number of farmers that would be benefited is around 50 lakh and the total quantity of sugar the farmers would get would be 50 crore quintals in three months, which would be three crore bags of 50 kg each.


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