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UK Distillery Makes Gin-Based Hand Sanitizer to Combat Coronavirus and donating it free

When workers at a UK distillery wanted hand sanitizer to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus, they found local stores were completely sold out. Undeterred, they decided to make their own.Owners of Bristol’s Psychopomp distillery said they’ve combined ingreditents that normally go into their small-batch gins — including botanicals and 65-percent ethanol — with aloe vera, to create a hand sanitizer that can, be made on-demand for as long as needed.

This isn’t the first time a distillery has taken steps to help fight the growing global coronavirus outbreak. Last month, Taiwan’s Yilan Distillery partnered with the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation to halt production of its red rice wine to focus instead on the manufacture of high-proof rubbing alcohol for national distribution.In addition to supplying its own workers, Psychopomp has made bottles of its gin-based hand sanitizer free to local residents

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