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This sugar mill in Maharashtra will install ethanol plant to make loss-making unit into a profitable

The nearly five-decade old sugar factory at Dayanandnagar, Dharbandora, is mulling production of ethanol in a bid to transform the loss-making unit into a profitable one. Administrator of Sanjivani sugar factory believe petroleum product has a good demand in the market. The plan came to light after the factory’s administrator Chintamani B Perni requested Deccan Sugar Technologists Association (India), Pune to prepare a detailed project report for production of Ethanol.

Perni said that sugar is no longer profitable as there are many producers . On the contrary Ethanol has huge demand. Factory is planning to have 40 KLD Ethanol production unit.. “ We are planning to use local cane for the initial 3 Month from Oct to December, then cane from Karnataka for next 3 Months and Molasses for following 3 months from April to June , to produce Ethanol.” Perni said.


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