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This new single malt rated as best Indian Single Malt across all categories

There is a new Single Malt in town, and it has just won a series of awards.

Rated as the best Indian Single Malt across all categories, Indri-Trini has been awarded this prestigious award by the World Whiskey Awards 2022. In the first round of world whiskey awards, Indri-Trini won the category winner tag of Gold followed by Silver for Paul John Mithuna and Bronze for Paul John Nirvana.

In the second round it won the Title of Best Indian Single Malt from India across all Categories irrespective of being single cask, cask strength or age.

The awards haven’t stopped with Indri winning many more accolades globally:

>> Best Indian Single Malt at World Whiskey Awards 2022

>> Category Winner, No Age statement at World Whiskey Awards 2022

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