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Rs 400-crore expansion plan of this sugar mill will bring new Distillery Plant

“We are setting up a Rs 250 crore greenfield sugar plant along with a distillery having 100 kilo litre per day (KLPD) capacity, exclusively for ethanol production. Also, at an estimated cost of Rs 150 crores, we plan to expand our existing distillery capacity by 150 KLPD. These projects will be funded through both equity and debt. The expanded facilities are expected to operate at full capacity over the next couple of years,” the Belagavi-based Vishwaraj Sugar Industries's executive director Mukesh Kumar said.

Vishwaraj Sugar Industries, an integrated sugar company producing sugar, power and ethanol has planned a Rs 400 crore greenfield sugar mill as well as an expansion at its existing distillery within the district.

The company manufactures products such as rectified spirit, anhydrous ethanol from molasses and sugar syrup. Belagavi is known for sugarcane with a high recovery rate of sugar.


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