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Rampur Distillery, launched world’s first single malt whisky to be finished in Indian wine casks

Rampur Asava (45% ABV) is an Indian single malt whisky, which was initially matured in American bourbon barrels, before being finished in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks. The combination of Rampur’s unique distillation and maturation process, is said to be taking its traditional Indian heritage and rooting it in contemporary culture.

This latest release from the distillery located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is said to deliver notes of tropical fruit, apricot, blackberry, black currant, dark cherry, plum, tobacco and spices on the nose. Followed by notes of Manuka honey, spicy oak, vanilla and drying Indian red wine notes on the palate.

Rampur Asava, now joins the brands growing portfolio, which includes Rampur Select, Rampur Double Cask, Rampur Sherry PX and Rampur Signature Reserve bottlings.

Commenting on the news, Anup Barik, Master Distiller at Rampur Distillery, said: “We are always striving to make each Rampur expression of the highest quality and exciting for malt whisky drinkers. The diverse weather conditions at the distillery have enabled us to be creative and experiment with our single malts. I was inspired to create Rampur Asava as I wanted to see how the dark fruit flavours of an Indian Cabernet Sauvignon would develop the flavour of Rampur Single Malt Whisky. I am delighted with the results as there is an impeccable balance of taste in this finely perfected golden nectar that lingers on your taste buds.”


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