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Maharashtra Distilleries produce ethanol much above target this year

Private and co-operative sugar factories as well as standalone distillery units in Maharashtra have produced and supplied 65.06 crore litres of ethanol so far this year, as against the target of 59.61 crore litres set till October, the National Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories (NFCSF) said. NFCSF President Jayprakash Dandegavkar said the purchase prices of ethanol should also go up with the fuel prices in the country by keeping the base price intact.

"In Maharashtra, the private and co-operative sugar factories and standalone distillery units were given the target of making and supplying 59.61 crore litres of ethanol till October 2021.

"The state has overachieved the target and has supplied 65.06 crore litres of ethanol till date. The target of ethanol production for the state can go up by 30 per cent," he said. Sugarcane is being used to make ethanol in the country and it will prove helpful to some extent to those factories that are currently in financial crunch, he added.

"Ethanol-making will help those factories that are facing losses. We have surplus stock of sugar being produced every year leading to the decline in sugar prices. Many times, sugar is sold below the minimum support price (MSP) by factories due to the excess stock.


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