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Job opening

Opening for Unit Head for a reputed Distillery.

Profile Description of bottling plant Unit Head for MP location.

Educational Qualification : B Tech from (Chemical) or B.Sc. with D.I.F.A.T.

Experience: Having at list 10 to 15 years of Expertise on heading independently Blending, Bottling ,Export & MP IMFL sales on MP.


  • Engineering &commissioning- Plant and plant bottling Halls Etc.

  • Preventing Maintained Plant and Bottling Halls Machinery Etc.

  • Product planning, Business development, Strategic planning, Operation management, Quality management

  • Blend innovation

  • Liosining Management

  • Excise Deptt. ,Pollution Deptt ,Other gov. Deptt

  • Cost Control Management

  • Negotiation expert , Inventory control with Material management ,Vendor development & Vendors Industrial relations ,Procurement Management ,Project Planning & Management ,Man power Management

Interested candidates are requested to share resume


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