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India can go for 50% ethanol blending in aviation fuel

India can start using 50 per cent ethanol in aviation fuel, and the Indian government will soon start discussions and trials on this, said Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways.

He added that flex-fuel vehicles will be on roads once the Supreme Court gives the permission. He was addressing a question-and-answer session at a webinar on alternative fuel organised by the Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA).

Flex-fuel vehicles will hit the roads once SC gives the nod, says Gadkari. Gadkari had earlier stated, “Our country produced 4.65 billion litres of ethanol last year and we need 16.5 billion litres of ethanol. So the Central Government will take up as much ethanol as is produced. Ethanol is a better and cheaper green fuel than petrol. All vehicles in the country should run on 100% ethanol,”


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