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If You Haven’t Tasted this Indian Whisky Yet, Royal Ranthambore Just Gave One More Reason to Try It

When most people think “single malt whisky,” Scotland is the first country that comes to mind, and understandably so. But India has quietly (at least for most Americans) been making its mark on the whisky industry for decades. Not only does the country consume a great deal of whisky, there are several distilleries making excellent expressions as well.

The newest bottle to come to the US is Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky from Radico Khaitan Ltd., India’s largest distillery that has been operating for about three-quarters of a century. The whisky, which was created as a tribute to Ranthambore National Park and its wild tigers, is a blend that combines liquid from both India and Scotland. More specifically, several different 100 percent malted barley scotch whiskies are blended with “oak-infused Indian neutral grain spirit.” If you’re looking for an Indian single malt, however, parent company Radico Khaitan also produces Rampur Whisky, with a lineup that includes liquid finished in different types of casks like sherry and port.

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