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Dwarikesh Sugar focus on ethanol

Uttar Pradesh based Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited is betting big on the Centre’s plan to blend ethanol with petrol. The company is investing Rs 232 crore to expand distillery capacity and anticipates a major change in the revenue mix in the coming years.

The company currently operates two plants in Bijnor district and one plant in Bareilly district of UP with a combined capacity of 21,500 TCD of sugar cane crushing and 162.5 KLPD distillery.

“We are in the process of executing another distillery project at our sugar mill in Bareilly district. The capacity of that would be 175 KLPD. The project execution is on schedule and we expect to commission this project by June 2022,” said Vijay S Banka, managing director, Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited.


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