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Dwarikesh Sugar commissioned its new 100 KLPD Distillery plant

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd., one of India's leading sugar manufacturers, commissioned its new 100 KLPD distillery plant at its Dwarikesh Nagar unit, Bundki, in Bijnor District. Using state-of-the art technology, this project commenced in late 2018. The Company invested in waste water recovery and zero liquid discharge, strengthening its credentials to grow sustainably around an environment-friendly foundation.

This expansion comes at the right time. India's sugar business has undergone a paradigm shift. Buoyed by initiatives undertaken by the Government to strengthen the ethanol blending program, the distillery capacity expansion will increase ethanol production and strengthen the company's forward integration. Besides, this initiative will enable the Company to optimize the use of molasses generated within its cane crushing facilities and help to moderate the impact of sectoral volatility.

While commenting on this expansion, Mr. Vijay S. Banka, the Managing Director of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd., said, "The ethanol capacity expansion will help in strengthening our sugar manufacturing business and is in line with our vision to expand our business vertically while creating a multi-product foundation. The capital expenditure of approximately Rs. 145 crores will enable benefits to accrue across the foreseeable future."


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