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Chhattisgarh will convert excess rice to ethanol

Chhattisgarh has got a boost to its flagship plan of conversion of excess rice, sugarcane and maize into ethanol as bio-fuel as the Central government on Thursday approved ethanol as a standalone fuel, allowing oil firms to sell E-100 directly.

For this, the Motor Spirit and High Speed Diesel Order 2005 has been amended.

The decision will give a boost to the agro-based industries sector. The government said it is aimed at making environment clean, boost income of farmers and increase availability of ethanol for blending in petrol.

The Chhattisgarh government has been urging the Centre to change the policy of ethanol production, pricing and other related issues, Sumit Sarkar, Project Officer, Chhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority (CBDA), told The Pioneer on Thursday.

He said the decision will pave way for maximum utilization of excess including damaged paddy, sugarcane and maize for manufacturing ethanol.

The state government plans to produce 99.8 percent purity product for the oil companies.

Now automobile companies will have to manufacture E-100 compatible vehicles based on the norms and specifications of the country.


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