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All vehicles in India should run on ethanol: Gadkari

All vehicles in the country should run on 100% ethanol and Centre is ready to enter into Ethanol Purchase Agreement for five years from ethanol producers to boost ethanol production, said the Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari while inaugurating a National Highway Project totalling a length of 527 kilometer costing Rs 4075 crore.

The Minister said ethanol production could save the country’s fuel. “There is a need to run vehicles on electricity and ethanol on the lines of Brazil,” the Minister said.

“Our country produced 4.65 billion litres of ethanol last year and we need 16.5 billion litres of ethanol. So the Central Government will take up as much ethanol as is produced. Ethanol is a better and cheaper green fuel than petrol,” the Minister said while calling all vehicles to run on ethanol.


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