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After beating 10% ethanol blending target, India hopes some pumps will sell 20% blended fuel

After India achieved its target of an average of 10% blending across the country five months in advance, the government and industry are hopeful of expediting the more ambitious target of increasing the ethanol blending to 20% by 2025-26.

Union minister for petroleum and natural gas Hardeep Singh Puri said that some petrol pumps in the country may be able to sell 20% ethanol blended petrol ahead of the April 2023 target.

India’s ethanol blending percentage stood at 2.33% in 2014. With the steps taken by the government in the last eight years, the availability of ethanol for blending is expected to go up to 450 crore litres in the current Ethanol Supply Year (ESY) from 67 crore litres in 2014.

Talking at the ‘Leaders of Climate Change Management' programme, Puri said all of the government's plans have “full emphasis on green sustainability.”


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